Leaving the planet is our distant dream, a future exodus.  Yet we have seen private space ventures stepping up when national efforts seem to be foundering.  A few leaders have invested their personal funds to keep new space viable as a business as well as a dream.  The next step may require a collaboration of investors and builders.

If there will be great ventures there must be early planners and builders gathering long before the next steps.  If my space liner looks a bit ambitious, the author of the concept is ready to step up to the job.  I have invited everyone interested in horizontal launch to publish here, and this week’s author is ready to boldly go to new heights.



David Luther asked me to do a guest blog for him some time ago and has shown great patience in waiting for me to deliver it. I got to be an acquaintance of David due to mutual interest in space, shared faith, and surprisingly in a world where people rarely see eye to eye, we have in common the idea that HTOL (horizontal takeoff and landing) and winged craft is the way to space. I suppose that is why Mr. Luther asked me to do a guest blog for the Wings to Space blog after we became business associates.

A little about me. I am a very private person and so it is fortunate that people respect my privacy rights. I live for creating projects and making deals. I keep myself busy with various projects about which entrepreneurs and executives may inquire. Below I list them with brief remarks about each.

✔ Astronautics Space Travel Company Inc. Astrospace for short. I am its founder. The company focuses on the financial side of the NewSpace industry and growth.

✔ A boutique investment bank. No name yet. It will focus on two industries: NewSpace and biotechnology. Will talk with prospective active partners, managing partner, silent partners, nominal partners, secret partners, and junior partners.

✔ A joint venture to manufacture craft for ground to orbit passenger transportation. Team members are being gathered. Sales presentations can be done for potential customers upon request. Financial presentations can be done for potential investors. In either case, NDA’s and other paperwork must be signed to vouch that those requesting the presentations are not motivated by the desire to steal intellectual property. We seek genuine customers and honest investors.

✔ I am always approachable with propulsion engineers and propulsion companies.

✔ Astrospace Satellite Services. These services include: financing, designing, building, testing, licensing, regulatory compliance, launching, operating, and in-orbit servicing. Even disposal if insurance, Kessler Syndrome, and unplanned reentry is a concern. Any size from nanosat to heavy lift.

✔ Open to very early discussions with those with a commercial interest in Mercury, development interest in Venus, or agricultural interest in Ceres. Please note: use of the words “very early” as this could be a century away and an inheritance for the grandchildren or it could be less than decades. It is just dialogue but prefer to talk only with serious people with academic or corporate credentials.

✔ Advanced communication. Only institutions may be involved in this project.

✔ IGT. This is theoretical and advanced work that goes beyond what the various interstellar groups are doing. Open to any serious individual wanting to make this their life’s work.

✔ An aerospaceline. Already in talks with several parties. Please do not inquire if you cannot follow through. Ownership stakes are possible. The aerospaceline has a working name but would prefer not to preempt a partner who has another name in mind. Also, namesmithing is often done by companies like Namelab for reasons of branding, trademark and legal concerns.

✔ Orbital hotel. Will work with any hotel chain interested in this being only the first of many locations.

✔ Orbital Office Park. Naming rights available as OOP sounds like oops! This project may or may not be an executive park or corporate park depending on anchor tenants.

✔ If you have space-related products that you want Astrospace to list in a catalog and sell for you, then send a brochure or something printed so that we know that the product is real and not virtual or vaporware. Better yet, send a sample or the product itself unless it is too big to ship except by rail car. Our technical people can come and look at it and verify quality control to customers. Many space entrepreneurs lack the ability to use the US Mail or post and hide that inability by disparaging it as “snail mail”. When we say mail, we mean first class letters. We would say email if that is what we meant.

✔ It is surprising the number of space entrepreneurs who cannot express themselves in writing.  As this is a business opportunity for Astrospace, perhaps we can help.

✔ If you can do videos or featurettes or films on topics my company specifies, we will buy them or sell or distribute them for you. These topics include NewSpace documentaries, space news (professional journalists only) and, if you are a filmmaker, science fiction about NewSpace.  What else? It is hoped to systematize this operation and spin it off.

✔ Astrospace has the world’s most boring blog titled “In Orbit”. If you are an executive with authority to transact business for your company or an entrepreneur who is the founder of your company, then go to —  Be prepared to be underwhelmed.

✔ Astrospace has lots of websites and none of them are impressive. It will be awhile before Astrospace sees fit to upgrade but if your firm has had NewSpace clients or even (yuck!) aerospace clients, then send your brochure.

✔ The company will soon have an office that you can call and make an appointment to visit. Still debating whether to site the HQ in Charlotte NC or somewhere in South Carolina.

✔ The company is seeking super-sales professionals. The kind of people who can sell sand to desert dwellers and snow to Eskimo (Inuit). Straight commission. If you are good, benefits.

✔ Investors should contact our CFO. See our blog for news of investor relations. We have done little with crowd funding and angels so far.

✔ Finally, if you want to be on the Astrospace mailing list, then email us. An opt-in page will be set up also. Spammers (people trying to sell us something) will be filtered and deleted. Junk mail (people trying to sell us something) will go into the trash unopened and unread. Annoying phone calls (people trying to sell us something) will be ignored. We have proper channels for suppliers and we already know what we want. We are only interested in talking to customers.



Box 4436

Rock Hill, SC 29732

Voice mail (760) 661-7993

Email and PayPal:


Well this is a wide range of space related opportunities.  I for one would appreciate a new science fiction project that offers some hope for our real space future.  I don’t think we have space invaders or major disasters waiting at every turn.  But we do have builders who are enabling a greater reach for man.  Do we have the marketing and investment tools ready for these builders?  Astrospace is inviting you to engage.





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