A Crowdfunding Campaign to Bust Space Myths


Do you believe the following?

  • Space travel has to be dangerous, difficult, and very expensive.
  • You have to be superfit to go to space.
  • A small company cannot possibly make a big difference to the way ahead for spaceflight.

These are all myths!

Affordable public access to space for business and leisure could become available soon by building spaceplanes that were widely considered feasible in the 1960s.   Within 15 years, near-space could become as accessible as Antarctica is today!

  • An airliner capable of flying to a space station would transform spaceflight.   It would replace present throwaway launchers and would slash costs and greatly improve safety.   It would lead to a new golden age of space science and exploration, and to public visits to space hotels becoming widely affordable
  • We knew how to build one in the 1960s, when most large aircraft companies studied spaceplanes in depth.   They were not developed at the time because of the pressures of the Cold War space race.
  • This knowledge has been largely forgotten or overlooked, even though all the required technologies have since been proven in flight.
  • The founder of Bristol Spaceplanes is one of the few who worked on these 1960s spaceplane designs and who is still active in the field.   As a result, we can credibly claim to have the most competitive way ahead for bringing in the new space age.
  • Courtesy of the excellent pioneering work by Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and others, the revolution in spaceflight is now all but inevitable.   It could be brought forward several years by planning for it now.
  • The main obstacle today is the power of traditional thinking.   Large space agencies and other major players are locked into the throwaway launcher habit.
  • The above points are explained in more detail in a recent book written by the founder of Bristol Spaceplanes, ‘Space Exploration’ by David Ashford (Hodder and McGraw-Hill 2013).
  • One way to help to persuade major players to take spaceplanes seriously is to show large public interest.   We have therefore launched a crowdfunding campaign to help to dent the mindset—see
  • The funding will be used to build a flying model of our Ascender entry-level suborbital spaceplane and for a publicity campaign.
  • Please support the new space age by backing our campaign!



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